Label - Any small adhesive, other than a valid postage stamp, affixed to a postal item.

Late fee - The fee charged on a letter posted after normal "last collection" time, in addition to the ordinary postage.

Lepta - The name of 1/100 of the official Greek currency, the Drachma (1832–2001).

Letter card - A card, usually one on which the postage is prepaid, that is sealed by being folded in half so that its gummed edges come into contact with each other.

Letter carrie - Person who delivers mail to the addressee. Other terms for this position have included 'mailman' and 'mail carrier'.

Littoral rate - Littoral postage rate was a reduced rate for carrying mail between ports. The Ottoman postal service purchased two steamers in as early as 1858, as a result of which the communication between ports improved considerably. From 1868, a uniform rate for all coastal towns existed. The littoral rate was later extended to all places up to 50 km. from the coast, and with the construction of railways the littoral postage rate was extended to places along the railways as well.

Local stamp - A postage stamp authorized for use only within a limited territory.

Luftpost - (German) Airmail.

Liberation postmark - Rubber canceller, put into use on the first day of the reopened Main Post Office in Jerusalem on June 21, 1949, it includes "Jerusalem" in English and Hebrew, a dater and a small star on both sides. In use in Jerusalem 21 June - 4 July 1948.