EEF - Egyptian Expeditionary Force - formed in March 1916 to command the British and British Empire military forces in Egypt during World War I.

Einschreiben - (German) Registered.

Embossing - The process of giving relief to paper by pressing it with a die. Embossed designs are often found on the printed stamps of postal stationery. Selected stamps of certain countries have been embossed.

Engraving - A method whereby ink is carried in depressions below the surface of the plate, and from there transferred to the paper. Engraving is usually done by hand directly on wood or a steel die. Some dies are produced by etching the metal with acid, which creates depressions in the exposed area to form the design.

Error - A mistake in the design of a stamp or in the printing process.

Essay - A trial, unadopted design. Usually a hand-drawn or printed design for a proposed postage stamp.

Express mail - An accelerated delivery service for which the customer pays a surcharge and receives faster delivery.

Egg postmark - Rubber canceller, put into use on the second day of the reopened Main Post Office in Jerusalem on June 22, 1949, it includes "Jerusalem" in English and Hebrew, and a dater without stars. In use in Jerusalem 21 June - 4 July 1948.